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Founded in 2010, with strategically located offices and satellite operations across Somalia and East Africa, Hajaara Group is ideally poised to assist enterprises to unlock the wealth of emerging opportunities within these accelerated developing regions and economies.

To this end, the group also holds the necessary certified registrations to render services in these regions.

Ultimately, we aim to connect businesses from around the globe with businesses from these areas to establish symbiotic partnerships and alliances that serve all involved. All whilst reducing our impact on Mother Nature – and making a positive contribution to both the socio-economies and the economies of the regions within which we operate.

“Business is never by mere chance; it is the purposeful result of forces working together.”

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Our Vision & Mission


To become the go-to partner for businesses across the world who wish to unlock the wealth of emerging opportunities in Somalia and East Africa, whilst positively contributing to the socio-economies and economies of these regions.

Mission statement

Establish a cohesive ecosystem of partners and alliances to enable end-to-end business solutions – across multiple sectors

Fuse superior talent, technology and resources to execute turnkey projects and programmes, from design to execution – with the utmost precision

Become the go-to partner for businesses who need to outsource entire divisions for optimal operations with minimal resources

Connect businesses from across the world with businesses in the region – to leverage the wealth of opportunities in these accelerated developing economies

Retain ongoing client satisfaction by aiming to always deliver on their requirements, on-target, on-specification and within a budget that makes perfect money sense

Ensure that our operations remain positive at every single touchpoint, whilst being kind to Mother Nature and positively contributing to both the socio-economies and economies of the regions within which we operate

Support businesses to move their goods via land, air or water to anywhere in the world, via our expert transport and logistics subsidiaries



The golden thread that underpins our values and that is deeply interwoven with the Hajaara Group way, is an ever-mindfulness of the fact that we are in service, not only of our clients but also, of our own people.

Honesty and Integrity

Kenneth H. Blanchard perhaps captured this best: “Honesty is telling the truth to ourselves and others. Integrity is living that truth.” At Hajaara Group, we aim to live, breathe and work according to the highest work ethics, to retain the respect and trust of our colleagues and clients, as well as the public at large, at all times.


At Hajaara Group, innovation is not just something we occasionally embark on, but it is a mindset and a culture that is embedded in our very operational DNA. In practice, this means that we remain abreast of cutting-edge developments and continuously research and development novel ways to improve our processes and systems.


At Hajaara Group we do not hesitate to be bold, ideate and execute big ideas, break new ground or venture into unchartered territories. This brave culture not only stimulates unparalleled growth of our people but also reassures our clients that we are ready to take advantage of any emerging business opportunity, the moment it arises.


In this new world where the only thing we can be certain of, is that nothing is certain, the flexibility and resilience of every member of our hand-selected team is of the utmost importance. Simply put, this enables us to think and act on our feet, and adapt to unpredictable challenges or changing circumstances, quite swiftly and effortlessly

“Values are like lighthouses; they are signals giving us direction, meaning and purpose.”

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