As a preferred partner of the global renowned Craft Silicon, Haajara Group can present banking enterprises in Somalia and East African regions with progressive technology solutions to create world-class processes and superior customer experiences – with the added benefit of local support.

In this post-pandemic world, businesses have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation, and those who haven’t will surely become irrelevant. As best said by David M. Brear: “Technological innovations will be the heart and blood of the banking industry for many years to come and if big banks do not make the most of it, the new players from Fin-Tech and large technology companies surely will.”

Banking issues? Consider it solved

Below are just a few of the common banking issues that we at Haajara Group can help you solve.


The banking and fintech environments are marked by excessive regulation. Our systems will help you to effortlessly navigate through the complex legal and regulatory landscape and remain compliant.

Integrated banking software

Our integrated banking software will amongst other help you to establish a centralized platform to gain a holistic view of your banking operations across multiple product verticals, enable real-time transfers between accounts and obtain automated data imports for swifter and more accurate reports, as well as better utilization of customer data.

Data integrity and security

Our advanced technology will safeguard you against cyber threats, retain your data security and integrity optimally, and ensure that you are compliant with the relevant regulations pertaining to the use of customers’ information.

Affordable software solutions

We offer a range of low-cost business improvement software, supported by affordable implementation costs, to let you gain tangible business results in the shortest possible period, and yield a return of investment in no time.

Meet the ever-evolving demands of customers

Our software and technology are continuously innovated and developed to remain up-to-date, to help you with continuous business improvement and to retain your customer loyalty by meeting their constantly shapeshifting demands.

Software that scales with the business growth

Enjoy the benefit of our software and technology that are light, scalable and adaptable, so you can scale your banking operations up or down swiftly and seamlessly, as you respond to a changing business landscape

Banking issues? Consider it solved

The following are four top benefits that the banking industry will gain from the software and technology solutions offered by Haajara Group, in partnership with Craft Silicon:

  1. End-to-end software solutions that can be adapted to any scope or scale
  2. Real-time data and analytics with practical insights to ensure informed decision-making
  3. Accelerated digitalization of processes and systems to improve efficiency
  4. Ability to remain compliant and readily adapt to the changing regulatory landscape

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