As a registered agent of Mirka, Hajaara Group is able to present the local automotive and transport, as well as the construction, decoration, and wood industries with the full spectrum of abrasive, adhesive and composite solutions, as well as associated services and tools to provide for all your finishing needs. In partnership with a leading global provider, you can count on products and services that meet and exceed international standards, whilst enjoying the advantage of swift, on-the-ground, local support.



Transport and automobile abrasives

Our high-performance abrasives will significantly alleviate the laborious task of smoothing any auto body and interior parts, as well as accessory repairs, right through from smoothing of welds and cleaning of inside pipes, to smoothing surfaces and edges for fitting, oiling, polishing or painting.


Robust solutions for challenging scenarios in the precision industries

Through expert soil sampling and analysis, we are able to make specialist recommendations to assist you with informed decision-making on the best approaches to cultivate your land, manage your soil and produce crops.

Collision repair for clean, productive environments

Our highly advanced range of products is constantly researched and developed to ensure you have the best possible solution to support a working environment that is clean and conducive for optimal productivity.

Preferred solutions for wood or painted surface sanding

You can expect less effort and greater results with our unique range of sanding solutions that are ideal for coarse and bare wood sanding, intermediate sanding or paint or lacquer or sanding of any topcoat before the final polishing. 

Superior sanding and abrasives for construction and decoration

Our superior, ultra-user-friendly and dust-free net sanding solutions and traditional abrasives, are the preferred choice of professional and semi-professional workers alike.

Top class finishing composites

We offer a complete system for sanding and polishing solid surfaces, including abrasives, polishing compounds and tools that are renowned for delivering top-class finishes that will meet the standards of even the most discerning professional. Our system covers a comprehensive range of applications, from grinding of glass fiber reinforced polyester to the sanding of contoured surfaces and moulds, or any composite material.

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